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Former Sleeper Girls/Battle Angels/LWWL Diva & TNA Knockout SoCal Valerie 

Yes, as hard as it is to believe, I’ll be writing several stories involving former TNA Knockout SoCal Valerie, I so far have an idea to write several just fan fiction stories, which I’ll have posted on Fan Fiction, and I’ll also post it on a special section on my own website The Ramblings Report, it is unclear if I want to write sexually explicit stories involving her, which, would not only be posted in a special section of The Ramblings Report, but, also on Literotica, and also, I have a plan to not make her a heroine, team her up with Surfer Girl, SoCal Valerie’s super heroine character will be a woman who, through super natural ways, grows into a 12-foot tall Giantess.

I need to stop at some point and think about how much I can reasonably write before the end of the year, with all the blogging and everything elso I do. A lot of women I’m basing stories around, will sere dual purposes, someone I’ll have sexual relations with, someone who I’ll just meet in passing, and as a woman who will be come some form of a super heroine. There will be special sections of: The Ramblings Report, and I’ll post links to when I post the stories on both: Fan Fiction & Literotica. It’s worth noting, on my website, I have sections to RingDivas/LWWL Fantasy stories, and sexually explicit stories, I need to work on other sections, and other message boards I can post to my site for people to have discussions on.