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Brooklynn Morgann/Lindsay Michaels & Mary Jane Watson/Felicia “Black Cat” Hardy


Lindsay Michaels vs. Destiny Dumon

Brooklynn Morgann As Battle Angels Diva Lindsay Michaels


Pornographic Actress Brooklynn Morgann Apprearing In Such Productions As NightMaidenXXX and Exploitation Film Jenah Hex


Felicia Hardy Will Have To Contend With M.J. Watson For The Affection Of Spider-Man


M.J. Just Recently Discovered Her Super Powers, Her Pheromones Can Incapacitate Male, And Femae If Weakened Enough

These are the stories I have ine mind, I have a prequel story to write about M.J., and plus will Spider-Gwen play a role in this rivalry. And as far as Brooklynn and Lindsay, they’re two different characters played by the same woman. I honestly think, Lindsay is a bit more of a whore than Brooklynn.