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Brooklynn Morgann/Lindsay Michaels

To those wondering, the women listed above, are one in the same woman. Battle Angels/RingDivas employed this woman on 3 occasions once under (what I assume) is her given name to star in the movie NightMaidenXXX along side fellow porn actress/model Bella XOXO, and once under the name Lindsay Michaels in the movie Jenah Hex, where she starred along side Destiny Dumon and Madison Sex-Kitten, Lindsay was the only one to appear topless in the movie, both of these projects, she did as a blonde. Also she appeared in a Battle Angels ring as a brunette Lindsay Michaels, getting quickly destroyed by The Ultimate Gojirah.

I plan on two stories, one as the blonde Brooklynn and one as the brunette Lindsay, and perhaps one or both could appear in matches featured on my new site: Women’s Extreme Championship (WEC.

The one thing, I can write a fantasy story, so, when the stories are done, they’ll appear both here and on Fan Fiction.