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Brooklynn Morgann/Lindsay Michaels & Mary Jane Watson/Felicia “Black Cat” Hardy


Lindsay Michaels vs. Destiny Dumon

Brooklynn Morgann As Battle Angels Diva Lindsay Michaels


Pornographic Actress Brooklynn Morgann Apprearing In Such Productions As NightMaidenXXX and Exploitation Film Jenah Hex


Felicia Hardy Will Have To Contend With M.J. Watson For The Affection Of Spider-Man


M.J. Just Recently Discovered Her Super Powers, Her Pheromones Can Incapacitate Male, And Femae If Weakened Enough

These are the stories I have ine mind, I have a prequel story to write about M.J., and plus will Spider-Gwen play a role in this rivalry. And as far as Brooklynn and Lindsay, they’re two different characters played by the same woman. I honestly think, Lindsay is a bit more of a whore than Brooklynn.

Fan Fiction, Fantasy Stories, Pornagraphy, Super Heroines

Brooklynn Morgann/Lindsay Michaels

To those wondering, the women listed above, are one in the same woman. Battle Angels/RingDivas employed this woman on 3 occasions once under (what I assume) is her given name to star in the movie NightMaidenXXX along side fellow porn actress/model Bella XOXO, and once under the name Lindsay Michaels in the movie Jenah Hex, where she starred along side Destiny Dumon and Madison Sex-Kitten, Lindsay was the only one to appear topless in the movie, both of these projects, she did as a blonde. Also she appeared in a Battle Angels ring as a brunette Lindsay Michaels, getting quickly destroyed by The Ultimate Gojirah.

I plan on two stories, one as the blonde Brooklynn and one as the brunette Lindsay, and perhaps one or both could appear in matches featured on my new site: Women’s Extreme Championship (WEC.

The one thing, I can write a fantasy story, so, when the stories are done, they’ll appear both here and on Fan Fiction.

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A Hynotized Wonder Woman

I’m currently writing a story where Dr. Pamela “Poison Ivy” Ivey, captures, manipulates and takes control of Wonder Woman, hypnotizing & brainwashing her, changing her name from Diana Prince, to just simply Melody, and Melody’s only purpose in life is to serve her Mistress Pamela. It will be my first super heroine in peril story, and will be posted, not only on here, but also on Literotica, and I may have to find a super heroine destruction site as well.

As a side note, I’m writing a story about a love affair between Daphne Blake & Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo, because as an adult, whose ultimate dream isn’t to think of Daphne and Velma as lesbians?

Fan Fiction, Fantasy Stories, Pornagraphy, Super Heroines

Former Sleeper Girls/Battle Angels/LWWL Diva & TNA Knockout SoCal ValerieĀ 

Yes, as hard as it is to believe, I’ll be writing several stories involving former TNA Knockout SoCal Valerie, I so far have an idea to write several just fan fiction stories, which I’ll have posted on Fan Fiction, and I’ll also post it on a special section on my own website The Ramblings Report, it is unclear if I want to write sexually explicit stories involving her, which, would not only be posted in a special section of The Ramblings Report, but, also on Literotica, and also, I have a plan to not make her a heroine, team her up with Surfer Girl, SoCal Valerie’s super heroine character will be a woman who, through super natural ways, grows into a 12-foot tall Giantess.

I need to stop at some point and think about how much I can reasonably write before the end of the year, with all the blogging and everything elso I do. A lot of women I’m basing stories around, will sere dual purposes, someone I’ll have sexual relations with, someone who I’ll just meet in passing, and as a woman who will be come some form of a super heroine. There will be special sections of: The Ramblings Report, and I’ll post links to when I post the stories on both: Fan Fiction & Literotica. It’s worth noting, on my website, I have sections to RingDivas/LWWL Fantasy stories, and sexually explicit stories, I need to work on other sections, and other message boards I can post to my site for people to have discussions on.

Pornagraphy, Super Heroines

Penny Flame, Sunset Thomas, & Sunrise Adams

I was sitting here thinking about what other mainstream characters I could not only use for serial fornication, but, also use as part of a group of women who also fight crime.

And I decided that those women would be former pornographic actresses Jeannie “Penny Flame” Ketcham, Diane “Sunset Thomas” Hof and Cassie “Sunrise Adams” Huggins, and those three will be used not only as women I’ll have sex with on more than one occasion, but the’ll also team up to fight crime, I’m just working on a name.

I’ll write more later.