The Weather Girls…And Various Other Heroine Groups I’ll Be Writing About.

Yes The Weather Girls, it’s a group of women that are current or former On-Camera meteorologista at The Weather Channel, this women are: Kristina Abernathy, Melissa Tuttle-Carr, Jen Carfagno, Sharon Resultan & Marny Stanier, as well as continuing a series I called Danger Girl & The Cheerleader Kid, which is a reference to former LWWL Divas Cali Danger & Madison Sex-Kitten, who at one point was known as Cheerleader Madison.

And I’d love to continue such series as Bat Kid & Super Summers which is based on characters played by Kati Summers and Hazel in the LWWL, as well as continue the Surfer Girl stories, and I,m thinking about including SoCal Valerie to that series. And Surfer Girl is based on another LWWL Diva Teen Summer, who, upon her first appearance she was billed as a former professional surfer, so, that’s how I came up with Surfer Girl.

And, I come up with all these different characters. I still want to cross-over Wonder Woman with Surfer Girl. And I had I have an idea for stories involving Mary Jane Watson and I’m hoping to pair her with Spider-Gwen.

Like I said, I have all these ideas, and I’ll be sure to try to post them here when I finish them. As well as create a page on my website The Ramblings Report.

I’ll write more later. 


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