Stuff I swore To Write…

Early this morning, I say that because I was up until 4am, but, I made a list of goals I wanted to acheive befor the end of 2016.

Now, for several, I always wanted to write a series involving former Weather Chaannel On-Camera Meteoroloogist Kristina Abernathy, I finally decided to do it, but, she’s going to be joined by some of her Weather Alums, such as Melissa Tuttle-Carr, Sharon Resultan, Marny Stanier, and also current Weatther On-Camera Meteologist Jen Carfagno.

I also want to continue writing the RingDivas/LWWL Fantasy Stories I wrote years ago, now that the RingDivas has stopped accepting entries to their Fantasy section, but, also, I want to several sexually explicit stories. One, which I’m really enjoying writing, is about one of my old mental health theraspist: Jessica James Minorics Hunckler, in this story, I abduct her during my intake meeting, and brainwash her, now I’m converting her into a doll.

I’ll write loter…  


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